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Tell me about your dorm room experiences/expectations

My name is Maggie Koerth-Baker. I'm a reporter working with the Associated Press on a story about college dorm rooms, people's expectations about them, and what people do to make them feel more like home.

Here are some of the things I'm curious about: What your dorm came with when you moved in, what new accessory/furniture item you HAVE to have, crazy things you've done to make your dorm more livable, what your budget was and how that affected your dorm room decorating priorities, what things you thought you needed to buy...but really never used, and the things you never considered needing...but had to go buy later.

If you're interested in telling me a little more about your dorm experience or expectations, please drop me an email. You can reach me at maggie (dot) koerth (at) gmail (dot) com.

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My college dorm had pretty much the basics: bed, two chests of drawers, armoire, desk, lamp, towel rack. When I was a junior I moved into another dorm and didn't have a chest of drawers but I had a large closet and a full size refrigerator w/ freezer.

As for what I had to bring, I got egg crates for my mattress (bed was a bit hard). I later bought a plastic three drawer cart to use as a night table in the other dorm.

To make it more livable, I had a few photo albums around. I bought some posters and put them up to make the walls look not so plain. My budget was very small in the beginning. When I got a campus job, I made about $200 a month so I was able to make trips to Walmart, movies, campus events, etc. I didn't really decorate the room much. I viewed it as a place to sleep and do homework.

Good luck with your article!