Абрикосовое Небо Над Аризоной (atmosfera) wrote in undergraduates,
Абрикосовое Небо Над Аризоной

Hi guys!

I have a favor to ask!

My name is Anna and I’m finishing my degree on Psychology Moscow State University in Russia, and as a part of it I’m doing a case study. My subject is people's beliefs about the concept of family.
If you could please help me out and take the test that would be great.

It would be also great if you could forward it along to your friends and associates. This is restricted to American born people between the ages 22 and 40.
Ideally I need 30 people - 15 male and 15 female. The test only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Here's the link:

Thank you very much!

Thank you for your consideration!
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