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What did you do after you got your degree? What if you weren't sure what you wanted to do for a career and not ready for grad school?
my long rambly: I'm graduating with a communications degree in Spring 2010. To make a long story short, college taught me a lot about myself and I'm massively undecided about my future.  I'm scared that I might still feel this way next fall.
So far my options post-graduation are:
- Grad school... However, I'm very wary of signing up to spend tens of thousands of dollars a year unless I KNOW I'm following through with it. I'm still not even sure what my major is, so I don't think this is the most prudent idea.
- Peace Corps. I love helping people and this would give me a couple of years to figure things out (and I know that a two-year commitment to communities that NEED you isn't something you agree to just to run away from adulthood, but I volunteer regularly because I like helping people and the Corps really helped some of my friends figure themselves out...)
- Anything that would let me drop off the face of the planet and figure things out.
- Use my degree to get a job and work until I know what I want. 
Anyway, that's what my plan looks like. What were yours?
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