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undergraduates' Journal
20 entries back

Date:2007-05-11 10:44
Subject:Tell me about your dorm room experiences/expectations

My name is Maggie Koerth-Baker. I'm a reporter working with the Associated Press on a story about college dorm rooms, people's expectations about them, and what people do to make them feel more like home.

Here are some of the things I'm curious about: What your dorm came with when you moved in, what new accessory/furniture item you HAVE to have, crazy things you've done to make your dorm more livable, what your budget was and how that affected your dorm room decorating priorities, what things you thought you needed to buy...but really never used, and the things you never considered needing...but had to go buy later.

If you're interested in telling me a little more about your dorm experience or expectations, please drop me an email. You can reach me at maggie (dot) koerth (at) gmail (dot) com.


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Date:2007-03-14 23:49
Subject:did you graduate?

Hi all,

I am currently compiling a book with a secured publisher about what people don't learn in college. The book combines real-life stories from recent graduates with time-honored insight from industry experts.

I need more grads to interview! Would you mind filling out the questionnaire at http://www.kristenfischer.com/college.htm or sending a friend over to the site? I can use more submissions ASAP and would love to hear from you!


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Date:2007-02-28 15:09
Subject:Textbook survey help!
Mood: thankful

Greetings! We are UConn MBA students conducting academic research on the purchase and resale of new and used textbooks, both on-line and at bookstores. Let us know your thoughts by going to the linked survey below. Thanks for your help, we appreciate it.
There are no risks for participating in this survey.  You do not have to complete this survey if you do not want to but we appreciate your taking the time to do so. It should only take you around 5 minutes to complete the survey.  Your responses are anonymous. The University of Connecticut Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Office of Research Compliance may inspect the researchers' records to ensure such protection. If you have any questions concerning your rights as a participant in this study, you may contact the University of Connecticut Institutional Review Board at (860) 486-8802.

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Date:2006-11-13 09:39

Would you believe this is a scholarship contest:

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Date:2006-11-03 14:29
Mood: curious

My apologies if this has been asked before...I promise I did search for this before I decided to post:

Who would be your booking contact for Emory? And how would I get in touch with said person?

Also, if anyone wants to give me a little insight into your music scene there, that would be lovely...but I won't push it. Just the contact would be greatly appreciated.


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Date:2006-11-02 17:03

This site called Brickfish has some really cool fashion stuff. They have contests where you can win a $500 shopping spree at Charlotte Russe or a $1000 to use at a Top Button sale in LA, or $1500 of SportieLA stuff. Go check it out:

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Date:2006-09-28 14:28

I have a question if anyone can help me by answering.

The last time I took classes was Spring 2006 and had to take out loans since I was paying for everything on my own. I ended up moving and my part time job doesn't pay enough and I've just been struggling with money, and I am supposed to go into repayment in November and I am wondering would that be deferred if I go back to school? I was planning on going back to school Spring 2007 anyway, and now I am just scared of having to repay so much money that I don't even have right now for food.

Thanks for your help

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Date:2006-09-05 11:16

Hello! I joined in hopes that maybe someone could help me with some computer problems. I just had my computer built and it seemed like it was working just fine, but when I got everything on there, it randomly freezes up or I will get error messages that tell me the program I'm running must be terminated. Sometimes I even get a blue screen of death before it restarts itself. This computer has the ability to run a number of big programs at the same time and it has a really nice graphics card, so I do not understand the problem. The drivers all seemed to be updated, so that's not it.

If you know your way around a keyboard, please help! *cries*

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Date:2006-06-21 18:44

I already got all of my loan financial aid and whatnot and I wanted to take summer B classes which start July 3rd I believe. I am just wondering what would happen if I only took one class instead of two? Would they try to make me pay some financial aid back right away or what would happen?

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Date:2006-06-15 16:16
Subject:Help a grad student out

Hi Everyone. I am a graduate student in clinical psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. I am conducting research for my master’s thesis which is investigating sexual behavior in undergraduate males. The goal of this project is to create awareness for safe sexual practices in college. In order to get my masters I need more male participants and would really appreciate it if you could help me out and take an online survey which puts you into a raffle to win up to $250. Everything is confidential and the details are below.


We are looking for study participants to complete a 20-30 minute survey about recreational drug use and reproductive behavior. After completion, you will be entered into a raffle and have five chances to win $50 for a total possible winning of $250.

1.) Male
2.) At least 18 years old
3.) Enrolled as an undergraduate at a college or university

Your responses will be strictly confidential and you will not be asked to provide any information relating to your identity. This research study is affiliated with the University of Texas at Austin. For more information, give us a call at (512) 232-4805 or visit the website listed below. All calls will be strictly confidential.

To take the survey now, please click on the following link:

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Date:2006-06-14 19:06
Subject:Apartment Living on Campus

Hello all grad/undergrad students!

I am gathering information on the Residence Life structure of various campuses in hopes to get ideas on how to improve ours.

I am the Senior Complex Manager for the University of Tulsa and am a senior majoring in English Literature. We will soon be building several more apartment complexes and thus would like to increase the leadership opportunities among the apartment residences. Here is mainly what I am looking for:
Apartment Community Organizations
-Apt. Council
-Leadership Groups
In these groups... what is done? What is the sphere of influence on campus and in the city?

How does your ResLife staff get their apt. residents involved?
What kind of programs have been successful?

What about the ResLife staff? Do you have CM (Complex Managers)? What are their responsibilities? How is their job performance rated/reviewed?

Basically I am looking for ideas on how to take advantage of this awesome opportunity at TU. We will have many students leaving the dorms and entering into the apts. Many of which include members of RHA (Residence Hall Association). I am looking for ideas on how to utilize the leadership of those individuals in an apt. community.

Any/all suggestions, experiences, ideas are greatly appreciated. I would love to hear from current ResLife staff members or past staff members!

x-posted for as many ideas as I can get!

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Date:2006-05-23 20:34
Subject:what are you listening to?

just was curious what type of music everyone is listening to now days? Thanks

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Date:2006-05-03 22:07
Subject:4:30 pm central michigan university graduation tickets!

i have 2 extra tickets for the 4:30pm graduation ceremony! i'm selling them to the highest bidder! lemme know if u want em!

i'm suggesting starting at $15 per ticket.

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Date:2006-04-12 21:47
Subject:Make Your College Admissions Easier- Get this book

A few years back in my college searching days, I found a book that profoundly changed my life. A college admsissions book. If you only read one college admissions book, let it be this one.

All in One College Guide

Why? Because college admissions is filled with such hype and stress, a perfect time for the colleges to load you with propaganda and take advantage of your vulnerabity in this time. You need something to help you navigate the, shall I say, crap. This book come from someone with many years in this field who knows many of the tricks and scams and helps you avoid many pitfalls. He gives such great tips and gives you the big picture so you can always remember not to stress out over little things. He gives you relatively unknown secrets that many high school, college, and adult age people do not know. He also debunks many of the things many of the other books claim you should do. This book is more practical, straightforward, and useful then many of the other books.

Sure in high school they give you pamplets and teachers tell you to 'apply for college', but this book lays the ground out very perfectly. Consider this the starting point for your college admisions job, the book tells you all the other resources you will use along the way (Fiskes, 331 Best Colleges, ect). Choosing a college, how to pay for it, getting in, and what to do while you are there- this covers it all.

I have read many of Marty Nemko's articles (also very helpful) and his other book Cool Careers For Dummies (also a highly recomended read) and I cannot recommend him more highly.

One last note:
Remember that colleges are a BUSINESS withthe main motive of making money. Don't take anything they say at face value. Investigate things for yourself.

(This isn't an ad- this book changed my life. I had to share)

X posted to several other college admissions group

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Date:2006-03-18 17:09

Just in case you are interested:

Arbor Grocery is Ann Arbor's best grocery delivery service and it is for sale!
You could be running your own business starting April 2006! Looks great on resumes and business school applications. Much better paying than any student job on campus. Details are at http://www.arborgrocery.com/forsale.htm . Please submit all comments, questions, and bids to liz@arborgrocery.com.

Thanks :)

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Date:2006-03-08 23:45

I've been assigned an 8-12 page research paper for my early American Lit (to 1865) class. I was just looking for some input since I'm not really sure what I want to write about yet.

My prompt is: "Demonstrate why an early American work is important/why should anyone read it/what is its value?"

No particular work has jumped out at me yet, so I was hoping to get some suggestions and opinions. If you were assigned this paper, what work would you choose? And if you're feeling really nice today, would you mind giving me one or two reasons why you believe that particular work is important?

By the way, I can write about a work of an author (even if it was written after 1865) as long as the author was well-established by 1865.


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Date:2006-03-08 14:33
Subject:Editing & proofreading services offered

I am a skilled typist, editor and proofreader who will gladly edit any academic papers. I charge per page, and my rates are very reasonable (please contact me to find out what they are). I am often available for last-minute work.

Please click here or e-mail me for details!

(x-posted to a few relevant communities)

Note to moderator: if it's not OK to post this ad here, let me know and I will take it down. Thanks!

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Date:2006-01-23 02:11

My name is Victoria and at University of Texas at San Antonio. As members of this organization called school ;) it's important to stay connected and meet new people in different universities. I post on here today for personal reasons mainly though and wondering if this thing called networking actually works through school groups.

My friend and I are leaving to Chicago for spring break (march 10-19) and I was wondering if any of you were located in the follow cities: Shreveport, Louisiana
Little Rock, Arkansas
Memphis, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee
Lexington, Kentucky
Columbus, Ohio
Pittsburgh, PA
Chicago, IL
Toledo, OH

to perhaps let us crash on your floors for 6 hours of sleep and maybe a shower or even to stop by for a meal. As college students we are on a strict budget (but I will pay you a small price for your kindness) and in the past I have allowed friends to crash at my place when passing by San Antonio and last semester I had a friend I met off of myspace stay at my place for finals, 2 weeks. So maybe there was a chance to ask someone, it doesn't hurt to ask sometimes.

Thanks a lot for reading this. I usually don't leave messages like this, you must think I'm some sort of freak, but I'm not and I would extend my place to you, if you ever needed a place in San Antonio, Texas.

PLEASE NOT POST on here, please e-mail me at ...... vmedelli@lonestar.utsa.edu

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Date:2006-01-07 00:59
Subject:The Campus Manual

I'm sorry to bug you all with this kind of shameless plug, but I thought it might be interesting for college students and is almost perfect for this group topic.

So my friend and I came up with an idea the other day. This is a website for mainly college aged students that has a wikipedia like format but has provides more than just basic information for the university. Every school has its own culture, vernacular, buildings, food, and the like. It would be extremely useful as well for prospective college students.

We are both Brandeis University students (and I'm a History/Journalism major) so we began to write entries for our school (which makes up the bulk of the site thus far). The entries began as a rather objective thing but grew more humorous as time progressed. The articles are often comedic but largely factually true (or honest in student opinion). Anyone can edit these pages, so if somethings objectionable it can be changed. Check it out at http://www.campusmanual.com/ , and feel free to start entries for your own schools, or message me at scrimers86 . It'd be a really good and humorous database for college students, in our opinion.

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Date:2006-01-06 23:30
Subject:Help with MSc
Mood: hopeful

Hi. I'm a student at Grey College, University of Durham (UK) and I'm currently studying for an MSc in Computer Science.

My current module (joint with the Business department) is to create a Business Plan, including a lot of primary market research, for a business heavily reliant on computing in some way. For that reason I created a questionnaire and am hoping that any students or recent graduates (or in fact anyone else who remembers what it was like to be at university) can complete it for me? I'd be very grateful! Just fill in the "University" field with the university you went to if you've graduated.

Also, feel free to answer whatever country you're from, and fill in any non-UK sites you use at the bottom of the questionnaire. They're there to gain information about profitable affiliations/advertising possibilities.

Again, any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Here is the questionnaire.

Thanks a lot, everyone!

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